The creators of South Park were quite right:

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On 18 March 2018 Mr Pearce’s vehicle was searched by police in Victoria, Australia.  The search turned up a cornucopia of drugs including cannabis, methamphetamine, cocaine and ecstasy.  It was found that he was already wanted for other driving and drug offences.

Mr Pearce was charged with a range of drug and driving offences, as well as a charge of breaching a community corrections order for still other drug offences.  His matter was dealt with in Frankston Magistrates Court.

At trial the defendant pleaded guilty and submitted that his life had “spiralled out of control” due to drug addiction and relationship failure.  Crisp M sentenced the defendant to 10 months imprisonment and imposed a fine of $2,200 and a five year  driving ban.

Police v Pearce (2018), Mornington Peninsula Leader, 24 April 2018, p.5.