I began this post on the flight back to Melbourne as I watched the lights of the New South Wales coast slip by beneath me.

I was on my feet at 0715 on the second day in Sydney.  I made up a cup of coffee as I dressed and got my suitcase packed.  The cab from Silkari to Kirribilli Club (where the offsite meting was to be held) was lined up for 0815.  I made my way downstairs and was delighted to see two of my colleagues, one of whom was up from Melbourne and the other from Canberra.

The venue was almost in the shadow of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and part of it looked out over the bay. It was, truly, stunning. The sessions were very much worth attending, but I don’t suppose they’ll be of much interest to a general readership. It’s enough to say the business looks like it’ll develop in some really interesting ways in the next few months.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The team is a good one – friendly, clever and accomplished. It was great to catch up with them socially for a few drinks after the day’s work activities were completed. I caught a cab from the venue to the airport (right over the Harbour Bridge, which I got a kick out of – it’s the little things!). I was back in my digs in Melbourne about 0200.