Well, how about that?

Long loooong time readers may be aware that many moons ago I operated an online database of legal headnotes which gloried in the name of the Health & Fitness Law Reports. This started as a pet project when I worked for Riordan Legal. In the years that followed I made various attempts to monetise it without success.

Occasionally I’d receive a notification about it. Today I googled it out of sheer curiosity. I was startled to find it had apparently been cited in a legal textbook (Andy Gibson, Sports Law in Australia (Wolters Kluwer: Sydney, 2022). The Google Books version won’t show me the reference so I’ll wander down to the University of Melbourne Law Library when I get a chance to see how it came up. I also discovered that it had been cited in a Masters Thesis in South Africa. Frankly, I was astonished. That little project – a free, one man website – has probably had more readers and interest than anything else I’ve ever written.

I think this is my cue to fire up that series of reports again. If people are interested, then let’s give them something to read!