I posted a piece the other day pondering an issue that I felt was raised by the creation of the Arts Party.  Last night a very good comment was made on the piece by the leader of that party – I thought it was a great response, so I’m copying and pasting it hereunder –

Hello there, I’d like to chime in on this post if I may, speaking as the leader of the Arts Party! We’ve got 1500 members across all states and territories of Australia and only registered in August 2014. Our first policy document will be out soon and was the result of grassroots meetings, discussion and inputs that occurred again in every state and territory – I was personally at most of those meetings!

We absolutely focus on the need and right of EVERY Australian to have a more creative and cultural life (to be a creator and a consumer). It’s clear that those of us living in the cities are the relatively lucky ones, when it comes to access to output and facilities (if we can afford them that is). However regional and rural communities are often virtually starved of quality artistic and cultural content and performances, something that needs addressing first.

Artistic and creative experiences should not require driving 2 hours to the Opera House, or a 2 hour flight, they should be happening in suburbs and local streets, communities and towns across the city, the state, the country. It’s good for the economy, health, tolerance, and “us” in so many ways…

I wrote a while back that microparties are a very encouraging sign for our democracy: having secured life and liberty, some proper argument can be had as to the pursuit of happiness (however that term is understood).  For myself, I surely look forward to following the Arts Party’s contribution.