Police v Harrison James Cowie (Albury Local Court, Murray M, 28 January 2014), reported in the Border Mail, 29 January 2014, p. 8.


Police signalled to the defendant to stop for a breath test. He slowed his car, but then sharply accelerated and ran a red light at an intersection where 10-15 people were waiting to cross. He then accelerated again and ran a further red light. He then turned off the headlights on his car and continued to drive away.

The defendant voluntarily presented himself at a police station the next day in relation to this incident, stating that his behaviour was due to panicking. Less than a month before this incident the defendant had been convicted by a Victorian court of an assault and sentenced to serve an 8 month Community Corrections Order.


The defendant was charged with dangerous driving and failing to comply with a request to stop.


The defendant was placed on a 12 month bond, fined $500.00 and disqualified from driving for 14 months in relation to the dangerous driving charge. He was fined $100 for failing to stop. The court said “[y]our driving was disgraceful, but your behaviour after that was commendable”.


It is not stated whether the conviction in Victoria was considered relevant by the Court.