The outcome of a recommencing hearing before Magistrate Smith in the Shepparton Magistrates Court was reported in the Shepparton News of 23 July 2013 at p. 6.


On an unstated date, the two accused had argued about spilt coffee and one had refused to drive the other home. In circumstances which are unclear, when the vehicle driven by Mr Al Musawi left the area, Mr Al Mosawy was clinging to the bonnet in what police described as “the starfish position”.


Both men were convicted of offences which are not detailed in the report. Both were fined $350.00, of which the only payment was made by Mr Al Mussawi ($50.00).


In resentencing the men, Magistrate Smith expressed strong doubt that the men understood the seriousness of their actions or the harm that could have resulted. He considered that Mr Al Musawi was the more blameworthy, having been the driver.

Mr Al Mosawy was resentenced to a fine of $750.00 and Mr Al Musawi to a fine of $1,000.00 and a three-month licence suspension.