The judgment in the prosecution of an unnamed teacher before Judge Pullen in the County Court of Victoria was reported in the Herald Sun newspaper of 10 August 2012 at p. 38.


An unnamed teacher at an unidentified school began to abuse a 12 year old girl in his Year 7 class in 1992. While police were contacted after he was known to have kissed her in an unidentified year, no action was taken save that the school warned him that “the relationship was becoming too close”.

When the student was 13 the offender gave the victim amphetamine and had sex with her for the first time. Following complaints from the victim’s stepfather the offender was transferred to another school but continued the abuse, at one point forming a relationship with the victim’s mother to further this objective.

The offender fled interstate with the victim 1996 and they married. Children were born of the relationship in 1999 and 2000. Two earlier pregnancies occurring when the victim was aged 14 and 15 had been terminated.


The matter was brought to the attention of police when the marriage broke down.


Judge Pullen sentenced the offender to seven years imprisonment.