The outcome of a compensation claim arising out of a shooting by law enforcement in a Californian court was reported in the Los Angeles Times of 15 June 2013 at p. AA3.


The deceased, Robert Thomas Jr, was standing outside a party in 2010. Two sheriff’s deputies attended. Mr Thomas was frisked by one deputy and then ran. The deputies pursued him. It has been asserted that they saw him reach for a gun which was sticking out of his pocket. At this point one of the deputies shot Mr Thomas 9 times, causing death.

A gun was found at the scene of the shooting but its provenance is disputed.


Mr Thomas’ family brought proceedings against the LA County Sheriff’s Department. The matter was heard by a jury.


On 14 June 2013 the jury awarded the deceased’s family $7,500,000.00.


The Department has announced its intention to appeal.