A decision has made by the Victorian coroner to delay making a finding in relation to an accident in which a woman died while driving a Volkswagen car.


On 31 January 2011 Melissa Ryan’s 2008 VW Golf was hit from behind by a truck after experiencing a loss of speed.  The driver’s evidence was that the car appeared to suddenly stop without showing brakelights.

Following the inquest, a number of drivers reported similar losses of power with VW Golfs, Passats, Jettas, Polos and Caddies.


Ms Ryan’s family’s lawyer advised the court that a submission had been prepared and was being considered by her, outlining some 300 claims by other drivers of sudden losses of power in cars.


The Coroner was reported to be considering whether she had the jurisdiction to accept the family’s submission.  The issue will be decided by whether the submission’s information is “causally connected” to the death.

Her findings have been delayed in the meantime.


Following the accident Volkswagen recalled some 26,000 cars.