When Crayons beat Ball Points

This post is my somewhat belated contribution to #PracticeTuesday, and it’s probably most relevant to practitioners in criminal law, personal injury and family law.

One word: pencils.

A few weeks ago I tried with difficulty to conduct a conference with a client which his four year old son.  My office isn’t well stocked with things for children and so I tried to leave him entertain himself with a notepad and a ballpoint.  It wasn’t a success.  I didn’t blame the little tyke of course.  He was bored.  Sometimes being in a lawyer’s office bores me too. Some days, if I wasn’t being paid to be here, I’d arc up myself!

After that appointment, the first place I went was Officeworks to get a packet of good sturdy pencils and a sharpener.  When Mr Bloggs and his son came back to the office yesterday, I googled “lawyer colouring sheets”. This was not a success.  Most of the images were not really age appropriate.  Some were, well, kinda scary:

Image from here

Instead, I drew on the other half of my life and googled “State Emergency Service colouring sheets”.  This was much better.  A few mazes and pictures of rescue vehicles kept the client’s munchkin happy for the hour or so of the conference.

Colouring 1
Image from here

If your practice regularly means your clients bring their kids to appointments, never underestimate the value of a $4.00 box of pencils.